Caskaffesu Coffee & Lodging is located in the heart of the cloud forest of Mindo, Ecuador


Authentic mountain-grown coffee from the cloud forest

In 2007 we began serving good Ecuadorian coffee. As our restaurant and hotel business grew we began looking for the best national coffee flavor. We tasted as many brands and varieties as we could until we found our favorite. Fortunately, our most demanding and knowledgeable customers and guests, in their search for awesome Ecuadorian coffee have, time and again, had the same opinion.


After talking with so many national and international tourists looking for an excellent cup of coffee and being disappointed in one town after another, we became interested in producing our own high-quality coffee, using only select seeds. Thanks to the collaboration and assistance of Café Galletti®, we began our plantation in the Mindo cloud forest at 1300 m (approximately 4250 ft) above sea level in the middle of a beautiful landscape bathed with spring water originating from the Mindo-Nambillo Protected Forest. The result is the gourmet coffee that we proudly serve.

"...To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions..."
- Hugh Jackman


  • Caskaffesu 350 gr.  -ground or beans-   9 usd.

  • Caskaffesu 150 gr.  -ground-                  5 usd.

We only sell our coffee in Mindo

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